Psychotherapy and Counselling in Dublin

At the Sentio Clinic, psychoanalysts work in confidence, at each clients individual pace, to allow them understand and unravel the issues which are interfering with their happiness. Many symptoms such as depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, phobias, complicated grief, bullying, career / life changes, relationships and sexual difficulties can be effectively addressed by psychoanalysis.

Everyone goes through periods of their lives when symptoms interfere. This may be as simple as feeling exhausted or angry, or something as serious as a lack of will to live.

Because psychoanalysts think differently to practitioners of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or psychologists we understand and can work with the unconscious motivating factors which underlie symptoms and prevent or inhibit us in our conscious lives—when a conscious resolve or promise to change seems impossible.

Psychoanalysis allows one to find the mental space to manage a symptom. It allows a revival of desire and energy, a new perspective. As everyone has their own story analysts don’t believe that there is a single solution or a simple beginning to any symptom – rather your speech will unveil the ‘why’ of a problem.